I was born in Amsterdam -The Netherlands- in 1959. During my highschool years I took a few courses in black and white photography. Later on I became a member of a group of Photographers (Stroming-Amstelveen). With this group I had several exhibitions, including the Canon Photo Gallery in Amsterdam. In my work I explored the possibilities of photomontage and colouring.

In 1979 I started my training as a teacher in Artwork (Hogeschool Holland-Amsterdam). I finished my education in 1985. The same year I started studying Art History at the university of Leiden. But I soon found out that making art suited me more than reflecting on it.

The years afterwards I started painting and giving Art Classes – mostly screenprint. I lost my interest in BW photography, but went on exploring inner worlds. The Seth books, written by Jane Roberts, became my inspiration. I walked on the path that Gauguin gave the title:
Where we come from – Who we are – Where we are going to .

In 1999 I changed my profession towards IT. I took courses in Oracle, databases and IT maintenance. Since 2000 I work for the municipality of Amsterdam. Once becoming more digital I discovered the possibilities of Photoshop. I live in Hagen – Germany.

about Me

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